[Comic: Fuck.]


Sorry y'all. I can't do it, not right now. As the comic itself says, once shit stops hitting the fan so damn much, I intend to start doing them again. In the meantime I'm working on a better version of last year's 24 hour comic, which I'll be posting for all y'all to see.

There'll be a new site, at a new address. Once it's online, or at least, there's something to show, I'll post it here, so RSS this bitch or just check back from time to time, or follow me on Twitter and you'll know when it happens.

Once again, sorry. I feel shit about this, but I feel it's all I can do right now to get some calm back.

Hope you guys understand.

And thanks. I mean it. Scruffbutt was just a test to see if I could do comics. The answer is fuck yeah, and the cage hath been opened.

Comics and me = BFFs.

Personal comics and me = not on speaking terms.